About Us

I first started tail bags when I purchased my first Traditional Gypsy Cob 'Suzie'. I was unable to find anything big enough or robust enough to cope with her extremely thick tail and her passion for mud! Since using a tail bag her tail is at least three times thicker and much easier to manage, especially in winter months. It all started when friends asked for a bag for their horse and then a friend of theirs wanted one and the need for quality equestrian items became apparent. 
One of my first tail bags now 2.5 years old is still used out in the field by Suzie all day,  every day. I now use them on all my show ponies and have seen a huge improvement.

We show at affiliated county and national level travelling all around the country following The Traditional Gypsy Cob Association and The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society,  now we have a show team slowly coming together we have little time for mishaps - especially on Suzie's white feather! I needed a product to reduce stains and combat oops moments after all our hard work scrubbing, without the risk of the hair becoming flat or wrinkled as travel boots do - this is where I started to make our much loved waterproof feather boots! Over time I have adapted the design and fabrics through trial and error to find a boot that doesn't slip out of place or fall down while she's rolling around making poo pillows the night before a pony party. I offer a range of styles as we all have different needs from waterproof boots to water resistant lycra socks. 

We've learnt a lot along the way, plenty of tips and tricks from maintenance and show prep to turning out to high standard. If you're new to owning a traditional or perhaps unsure on how to avoid dreaded bog burn over winter please feel free to drop an email and I will get back you to as soon as I can. 

We will be adding new products regularly including breed specific products, please keep an eye on the Facebook page and website. 

I hope to see you out and about this season, make sure you pop over and say Hello!

Thank you for supporting a small British business! 

Lots of Love 

Trophy Tails Team x