Our products don't need big write ups or adverts, the results speak for themselves as seen in Horse & Hound magazine.
Most of the product images used on the 
website are customer images, we also have a customer gallery linked at the bottom of the website. 

Gilly Chippendale - "I took the tail bag off and brushed his tail as the bag was absolutely filthy but his tail was nice and clean !!"

Lacey Smith - "It was funny at the Dressage with Tommy the other day. He had an audience once I got the mane bags out to put his hair back people love to know all about it. I have to give them a little demo"

Chloe Dickinson - "Jeffery has a pamper day last Sunday. Tail had been bagged for a while, washed and then left to dry! We are loving our new tail bag!"

Cindy Baldry - "The boots were amazing. We came a very credible 3rd and considering our stable was flooded as this year stabled outside, the boots saved the day"

Samantha Vaughan - "All dressed to impress ready for tomorrow. I am so happy with them"

Joanne Whitmarsh - "My friends have a piebald stallion just been graded when they took him out of the lorry he was absolutely covered in poo and they rang and said how do I keep Boyce so clean and I told them get some feather boots. Best thing I ever bought so thank you"

Caroline Burrowson - "We're still loving our mud boots, 2nd year and still wash up like new"

Lynsey-Jane Crayston - "Thank you so much the waterproof feather boots make to measure in very quick turn around time for us"

Louise Berry-Wright - "First time out the bag since mid Feb... Well Chuffed with how her tails looking!! Washed and replait and into new blue bag"

Megs Mason "The power of mane bags"

Ellie Williams -  “Sick of washing the boys legs off after the walker... #trophytails boots saved the day!”

Joanne Whitmarsh - "We love a Trophy Tails product"