Refreshing your tail bag... Hello Summer!

In March I put the traditional gypsy cob below in one of our red heavy duty tail bags before turning away to grass. The bag has done a great job at keeping her tail clean and dry while protecting the hair from sun bleaching or breakage.
As its now creeping up to fly season and she needed a fresh bag I thought I would make a mini blog on transitioning to one of our Ultimate Fly Tail Bags

March 2020 - Perfect!


June 2020 -
Gross BUT its done its job!



Upon removing the bag the tail was soft, shiny and free from any debris - in fact it smelt just as fresh as the shampoo I had washed it in months before! 


A quick spray around the dock with our favourite hair protector, the muck in that area soon brushed out without damaging any hair.

The plaits were easy to unravel, brush and re-plait. The hair was tangle free, no need to use additional conditioner or detangle spray thanks to the natural oils in the Henny Feather Soap I used when I washed the tail in March *WINNER*! 

The freshly brushed tail looked good enough for her to hit the show ring!


Once the abundance of hair had been restrained into plaits again I applied the Ultimate Fly Tail Bag


I just LOVE the contrast of the vibrant yellow against her black coat!

Take a look at our summer style Ultimate Tail Bag© by clicking this text, available in 10 stunning colours to match every show team. 

Thanks for following, take care & stay safe!

Trophy Tails x