Using Conditioning Feather Oil - a great multipurpose product!

Our tips, tricks and secrets to using our Conditioning Feather Oil. 


Feather: Using the precision nozzle, start at the knee part the feather and apply product directly to the skin in a horizontal line.

Work down the leg towards the hoof separating the feather in no more than inch deep horizontal sections.

Pay extra attention to the heel - unless you coat the heel well there isn’t much point oiling up. You can use a pain brush to saturate this area.

Leave your horse to stand for to allow the oil to wick down the feather.

If the feather it isn’t completely saturated to your preference you can add more with your hands or use your spray attachment to cover the lengths of the hair.

Applying the night before turning out gives the oil chance to soak in before being exposed to mud or direct sunlight on hot summers days.

Antibacterial and anti fungal properties to help prevent mud fever in all horse types. 

Mane & Forelock - Use the precision nozzle to the skin at the root and massage in to stimulate the hair follicles (it helps).

Work your way along the mane and forelock to ensure all the skin is moisturised.

For the lengths (it will wick down) you can add more oil with your hands or use the sprayer to apply to the lengths.

Tail - start at the very top of the dock, splitting the hair and apply (with nozzle) to the skin, massage in and work your way down the tail bone splitting the tail hair in inch deep horizontal lines. 

For the lengths of the tail use the sprayer or apply with hands.

Coat - apply with sprayer to prevent mud sticking/staining or use when hot oiling to clean, moisturise & gloss the coat. Also can be used before, during or after clipping enhancing a smooth finish. 

Show prep:

Mane/tail - lightly spritz the mane/tail & work it through with your hands, then brush through to achieve the ultimate sparkly finish.

Body - lightly spritz the coat then wipe over with a soft hair bristled brush in the direction of the hair or cloth to give a super glossy finish fit for the show ring.

Always practice your show prep application - a little goes a long way.

Trouble shooting:

Rubs, dry patches and itchy spots:

Apply directly to rug rubs, dry patches or itchy spots. The oil will moisturise and help new hair growth.

Effortlessly lifting any dry flaky skin relieving the symptoms related to hyperkeratosis commonly known as mallenders (front knees)/sallenders (back hocks).  

Wind knots, sticky burrs, matted hair, tangles:

Apply oil directly to area until saturated then pull apart.

Patch test - we advise 24/48 hour patch test in any new product. Apply to the inside of the leg & discontinue should any irritation occur.

‘The best advice I can give for hair care is oil, oil & oil some more… when you think you’ve applied too much - add some more for good luck! It will keep their hair/skin happy and stop stains, prevent bog burn & stop burrs sticking.’

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