All products are custom made in your customised choice of colour and sizing. For products to work as they should they must fit, this not only ensures they keep up to your expectations but also prevents the product from damage should the goods be incorrect sizing. 
Please ensure you measure carefully and accurately.
Once you get your items try them on and ensure they fit well before leaving horses unattended wearing the goods.
If you're having trouble using the items we're available to help with fitting advise through many channels.  
Misuse could cause damage to the products.
To place an order please take your horses measurements using the measuring guides and send them over for clarification of sizing. If when making the patterns for your made to measure products we notice discrepancies, we will contact you to query these.
If you are unsure if the product is suitable or sizing please contact us before ordering.

Tail Bags 

 - Miniature horses & Miniature Shetlands + approximately 14" circumference
Pony - Fits fine breeds 11hh - 13hh + approximately 15" circumference
Medium - Fits 13hh + with approximately 19" circumference
Traditional Cob - Fits 13hh + with approximately 24" circumference
Large/Horse - Fits 15hh + with approximately 19" circumference
Show Horse - Fits 15hh + with approximately 16" circumference (Narrower)
Custom/Made To Measure - Length is measured from bottom of tail bone down to chestnut on hind leg, for width measure around the tail

Each production run can vary, this is an estimate only. 

Feather Boots/Feather socks are not suitable for horses without full feather unless they’re made to the non-feathered horses measurements. 

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